wherein DF travels to Deutschland for the 2006 world cup to follow the US men's national soccer team

Monday, May 08, 2006

US-Czech Republic ticket giveaway has concluded

Just a quick note to say that mirarchi's ticket giveaway is over, having garnered a lot of compelling emails from true fans who weren't able to secure a ticket to the game. Ultimately the ticket went to the first such person who wrote in, a serious USMNT supporter who will really appreciate the chance to attend the game.

This reminded me, though, that there are a lot of people who are just going to Germany ticketless, hoping to scalp or planning just to hang out near the stadium where the US is playing. I was actually in the latter category with respect to US-Ghana until very recently. And while it would be great if everyone could get tix, this reminded me in turn that one of the things that will be great about Germany will be the scene in and around the games, not just the games themselves. Meeting other supporters (US and non-US alike), chilling and grilling at the tailgate, and of course chugging many many German beers--all this will be as good and as memorable (if not moreso) than the 90 minutes played during each game.

So while it really had nothing to do with me, mirarchi's ticket giveaway was a good way to begin to get into the WC spirit. The Black Eyed Peas once asked "Where is the love?" but now I think I know the answer--it's right here at DFinD, baby.


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