wherein DF travels to Deutschland for the 2006 world cup to follow the US men's national soccer team

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pimp my site

Working on a blog is a peculiar experience. You put stuff out there in cyberspace, hoping people will read and enjoy it, but never really knowing much about how it's all received. After all, why do it in the first place? For me part of the reason is just because I like the sound of my own voice (in written form at least). But it's also a way of channeling my addiction to soccer in something like a constructive form. And as with last summer's project, when I head to Germany for the World Cup, the blog will become something more like a travelog (travelblog, I suppose) recording the experience for posterity and my legions of devoted readers.

But until then there have been some encouraging signs. DF in Deutschland is finally the first link you get when you type in that phrase on Google. (You also get mirarchi's blogger profile but for some reason not mine). This Google search also returns a link to something called Blogshares that I don't understand but appears to be some kind of stock exchange for blogs. According to the virtually incomprehensible charts and graphs, the value of this site is...up?

I've also started a blogroll with links to some of the many fine sites out there on US soccer and/or MLS. Several of these sites have been kind enough to cross-list me on their blog indices. In particular, shout-outs to MLS Fangirl, MLS News and Views, and du Nord for their kind inclusion of this humble site. Please note also that I've established an email address for readers who may want to contact me (also in sidebar on right). The volume of email I was getting in my personal inbox related to this blog was simply overwhelming, you see.

So onward and upward with this project, solipsistic and ephemeral though it may be. Thanks to all for reading, and please continue to watch this space. Peace out.


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