wherein DF travels to Deutschland for the 2006 world cup to follow the US men's national soccer team

Friday, June 16, 2006

Next stop Kaiserslautern

Steeled for the probability of failure but hopeful of the possibility of a miracle, I'm off for Kaiserslautern tomorrow. Our train leaves at 7.30am to arrive at 2pm on what is supposed to be a gorgeous sunny day. After the thorough beating we took against the Czechs, things look pretty dire. A draw against Italy would still make our chances of success pretty slim, so to guarantee advancement to the next round we need to win tomorrow, against a team with a legendary defense and the most imperious group of strikers in the tournament. It is, to say the least, a tall order.

But I'll be there. Why? Partly because being a true supporter is about following the team regardless of results. And also because the party in K-town looks to be a great one. I'll be meeting up with two separate groups of friends and will be hoping to take advantage of the all-you-can-drink special at the Yanks Abroad party at the Brauhaus am Markt (though if Gelsenkirchen is any guide, it may be too crowded to make drinking there a realistic option). So no blogging tomorrow, but I'll catch you all up on Sunday. And before I attempt to sleep, here are some disjointed thoughts about today's games.

--Argentina put up probably the most impressive offensive display I've ever seen in a World Cup. All six of their goals were impressive, but the second (which followed a 24-pass sequence) was unbelievable. And the Serbia team they defeated gave up a total of one goal in WCQ throughout ten games. Argentina bettered that by five. In ninety minutes.

--I was a little disappointed in Holland's shaky defense of their one-goal lead in the second half of their win against Cote d'Ivoire. And though I'm glad to see the Dutch get to the second round, it's a shame that their game against Argentina has been rendered meaningless. Finally, while C d'I is out, they gave a damn good account of themselves in two tough losses to two excellent teams. Definitely unlucky to have been in that group.

--I loved seeing Angola take a point off of Mexico. There's a bit of the schadenfreude factor, but mostly I'm just happy to see such a major underdog give a good account of themselves. Plus, the result means that Portugal can clinch qualification to the second round with a win tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DF, I'm chiming in to thank you for your eloquent thoughts on your World Cup '06 experience. You truly make the scene come alive with your succint, colorful style of writing. Those of us who can't be there are grateful for your blog, and truly appreciative of your efforts. Enjoy Germany, and goooooo[al] USA!!!

Hockeyhooligan from NorCal

9:03 PM, June 16, 2006


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